Frequently Asked Questions


What are Current Lake Levels:

  • Lake Levels vary based on rain, season, and other factors.   Levels can change rapidly.   Here is a link to the current conditions.  Lake levels do not usually effect the ability to bring a boat.  When conditions are low, we have a nice sandy bottom in our area of the lake which becomes a beach area.  We have buoys that a boat can be tied to and anchored.



What kind of supplies do I need to bring to Lago Romantica?

  • Groceries / Beverages needed for trip (basic spices and some condiments are provided only).    Full service grocery stores are a good 30 minute drive from the home.  Only basic staples can be bought close by.   We suggest you bring with you everything that you think that you will need for your stay.

  • Multiple swim suits (bring more than one so that you can let one dry while you use second one)

  • Beach Towels, Beach/Water shoes, Sun Tan Lotion, Sun Glasses, Hats, Cover-Ups

  • Rafts, boating equipment, fishing equipment/ bait

  • Cell Phones (a phone is provided but it can only dial local numbers.  Bring cell phone for calling long-distance).  Some carriers have issues getting clear connection in the house.  Walk out on porch in back or front of house to get best service.

  • Cooler – for porting beverages from house to boat house.  Boat house is equipped with small refrigerator.

  • Computer – the home is equipped with WiFi.    If you bring a smart phone or computer you’ll be able to check email, surf internet, etc

  • Wii Games, Movies, etc.  The home is equipped with several Wii Games and a lot of DVDs, but if you have favorites, feel free to bring them. 

  • The home will be equipped with several rolls of paper towels, several rolls of toilet paper for each bathroom, several garbage bags, and basic cleaning supplies.    We find this is sufficient for most groups.  However, if you feel this will not be sufficient for your needs, you may want to bring extras. 

  • Liquid soap and shampoo/conditioner are provided in dispensers in each bathroom.   If you prefer hard soap or specific shampoo/ conditioner, you will want to bring it with you.

  • If you plan on doing Laundry during your stay, you will need to bring laundry detergent.  

  • If you plan on fishing, you will need to bring equipment necessary for cleaning fish, etc.   (fishing license, bags, ice, bait,  etc)


What is Richland Chambers Lake Like?

Richland Chambers Lake is approximately 45,000 surface acres in size, making it Texas 3rd largest inland lake. This Texas Lake was constructed in the early 1980s by Tarrant Regional Water District as a Fort Worth area water supply and impounded in 1989.  Richland Chambers has an average water depth of 25 feet and a maximum depth of 82 feet and 330 miles of shoreline.

Richland  Chambers is the youngest lake in Texas.  Being such has given us a real advantage over most of the older Texas lakes. The Texas legislature adopted a planning and zoning commission, which is active in the Navarro County portion of the lake, to assist  in the lake area development. Richland Chambers is the only known Texas lake with this distinction. The result has been tremendous. With almost 50 communities to date around the lake, most require site built homes only (only a very small percentage allow mobile homes).

Richland Chambers is fed by 2 large creeks. Chambers Creek delivers water from the North and Richland Creek is located Southwest of the lake. These 2 creeks constitute a large watershed area of over 1900 square miles that allows this Texas lake to rebound and fill quickly during times of run-off rains.

Boating and Fishing
Richland Chambers, being Texas 3rd largest inland lake, offers wide open recreational areas and protected coves for recreational boaters, skiers and family fun!  Personal watercraft are allowed at Richland Chambers. Sailing enthusiasts  enjoy the large East to West expanse on the Richland arm and Richland Chambers is reported to be the largest (inland) sailing basin in Texas.
Fishermen have long enjoyed the excellent fishing and habitat at this Texas lake as evidenced by the annual bass fishing tournaments held here each year.  Regular stocking by Texas Parks and Wildlife has contributed to some of the finest fishing in the state with strong populations of crappie, sand bass, hybrid bass, blue cat and yellow catfish.
Being located near the Trinity River (a natural flyway for water fowl) offers a diverse population of ducks, geese and teal for hunters while pelicans and other birds including the majestic Bald Eagle are abundant to the delight of birdwatchers and waterfront lake house owners throughout the lake area!

Richland Chambers Reservoir Statistics:
• Surface Acres - 44,752 Acres
• Max Width - 3.5 Miles
• Max Length - 26 Miles
• Average Depth - 25 ft
• Max Depth - 85 ft
• Shoreline - 330 Miles
• Dam Design
    o Length - 31,200 ft
    o Height - 100 ft
    o Gates – 24





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